Being an author Adv. Stanley R. D'Costa won the prestigious Karnataka Konkani Sahithya Academy Award in the year 2010. He is known as a People's Lawyer. Many approach him for advice and he educates them about a possible legal remedy in their specific legal requirement out of court settlement. He never drag clients to court. Approaching court is when it is inevitable.

Also he find time to explain the clients about the time it may take for them to get a remedy awarded. This helps them proper planning and time management. Many cases are settled out of the court and many honorable judges appreciated him in saving time by avoiding unnecessary dragging of cases. While doing out of the court settlements his attempt is to get what is due to his client. Many a times long pending cases were settled for the advantage of both the parties. Such gestures of of a judicious lawyer helps people to re-establish their friendship even after several years.

Some times clients are in a hurry to get a remedy propose falsely for their advantage. There are many instances he refused to bow down to the pressures of his own clients. He believes and advocates the supremacy of law. A lawyer is more responsible to protect the law than the judges. Adv. Stanley R. D'Costa is a lawyer par excellence, leader with courage and commitment and a social activist to the core of his personality.

The younger generation has so much to learn from this luminory in law fraternity. A Lawyer can be a truthful person and convert the society unto truthful one. We require trust worthy truthful lawyears to take up only truthful cases. Let a new society of truthful Lawyers emerge from the younger generatioin is our prayer. Great Advocates will always welcome such a social change!

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Adv. Stanley R. D'Costa is very much concerned about promoting Legal awareness amongst the people who are in the government service and also to the general public. Young Lawyers and people who are like minded are welcome to contact him

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Adv. Stanley R. D'Costa shall be contacted for Legal and Social purposes. He is a Notary and Christian Marriage Registrar...

Address: Second Floor, Mallikkatta Centre,
Mallikkatta, Mangalore
Phone: +91 824 2410365(O), 2225669 (R)
Mobile: +91 - 94839 10125 / 98863 11251

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