He has a Vision for an Equitable Society

Stanley R. D'Costa is a leader with a difference. He is very quick in response and firm in his decisions and actions. Very courageous to question authorities when they play mischief under the pretext of their positional portfolios. It is very difficult for him to get along with an un equal paradim of someone dominating the other one. Give respect and take respect is a policy that he loves.

He will consider you equal or more respected as long as you respond proper and clear. He will react very firm at the moment anyone try to dominate over him.

In a society of unequal people, his sense of equality is a visionary approach. He maintain equal relationship with everyone irrespective of their gaining positions or loosing positions. He is a friend with everyone at everytime.

We see him with people always. At Schools he interact with children to inculcate civic sense in them. At society he look forward for smooth day to day life. How to avoid legal anomaly in daily life is a serious manner.

When people are aware of the legal formalities the system will work smooth. People should know about their rights and responsibilities. Instead of creating confusion and later solve them with great difficulty, he advocates the theme of do not complicate simple things.

While engaging himself in educating people on legal aspects, he also responds to the social causes. He is in one way very hard to ignore. Once he is sure of the rightfulness in his position, he will see to it that the demand of genuine grounds is addressed at the earliest.

A leader to be a leader should have concern for society. Adv. Stanley R. D'Costa has concern for society and he is willing to help the people without taking undue advantage from any quarters. This mindset of a genuine leader is worth pondering upon!

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Area of Interests

Adv. Stanley R. D'Costa is very much concerned about promoting Legal awareness amongst the people who are in the government service and also to the general public. Young Lawyers and people who are like minded are welcome to contact him

Contact Details

Adv. Stanley R. D'Costa shall be contacted for Legal and Social purposes. He is a Notary and Christian Marriage Registrar...

Address: Second Floor, Mallikkatta Centre,
Mallikkatta, Mangalore
Phone: +91 824 2410365(O), 2225669 (R)
Mobile: +91 - 94839 10125 / 98863 11251
E-mail: costa.stanley@gmail.com

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